Check Out This Hilarious Letter To A Bike Thief

While most of us would complain and curse the world around us if our bike was stolen, this person decided hostile humor was the best way to deal with the situation. The bike theft victim took the time to write this amazing letter to the bike thief and I can only hope that the person responsible will eventually see it.

Note: It can be a bit difficult to read, so scroll down past the photo for the transcription.

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Dear Bike Thief Mastermind,

You rascal you!! My bike lock was obviously no match for your cunning genius. I do admire the command you have over your noble profession

(Bike Picture) Answers to Billy (Artistic impression, flames may be imaginary)

But I do use the bike to get to work so you could be a really sound lad/lass if you put it back. However in the likely event you are a CUNT I hope Billy (the bike) leads you into the path of a HUGE truck. Lots of Love, Aggravated Ex-Owner

P.S guess where those soft rubbery grips have been 😉

(via: Bimmybim)


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